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Featured Video Productions

Tell your story through the power of video.

Predictive Wear

Predictive Wear

Flagship videos

Perfectly encapsulate your mission and vision in a single video so that audiences know you before ever meeting face to face.

Faith Christian School

Faith Christian School

Facebook Banner Videos

Make your company’s Facebook look professional and legitimate to show you’re a brand worth trusting.

Kathy Wood Real Estate Broker

Kathy Wood Real Estate Broker

Testimonial Videos

Have an employee or trusted patron share their experience in a real and personal way.

GameDay Graphics

GameDay Graphics

Indiana Canine Assistance Network

Indiana Canine Assistance Network

Str8Up Life

Str8Up Life

Demonstration Videos

Show, don’t tell. Let your product speak for itself or give your viewers advice straight from the source.

Special Event Videos

Let the community know about your involvement - Get real coverage of your big event and document it’s success.

Custom Videos

See your creative vision come to life, whatever that may look like.

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Social Media Services

Maintaining brand social media accounts is a hassle. But making your business consistently look professional and legitimate online is more important than ever. SocialFlip provides all kinds of tools and resources for you to bring your online marketing to the next level.

  • SocialFlare:

Set yourself apart with a little bit of flare. SocialFlare is our customizable content solution

to visually engage and connect with your audience.

  • Unlimited Consultation

    How often should I be posting? How much should I spend on Ad Words? Does my business need a Twitter?

    We’re here to answer questions specific to your business, strategize about the future, and make your content

    look sharp. Wecan help you schedule posts ahead of time, touch up your iPhone pictures in photoshop,

    or even post on your behalf.

  • Photography Packages

    Portrait head-shots of staff members, special event coverage, pictures of your facility, or anything

    else you can think of. Having pictures is a must on social media - get them taken by a professional.

  • Google and Bing Ads

    We’ll help you set up an account, figure out a budget, select key words,

    and help you understand what you’re paying for.

 Production Packages

The SocialFlip

Like it or not, your business lives online. When people come to see that online living space, what are they going to find?

Don’t be caught hosting them unprepared; with a SocialFlip, you can proudly share the reputation you’ve built for yourself in today’s fast-pace, networked market.

Fuller Engineering   BEFORE

Fuller Engineering


Fuller Engineering   AFTER

Fuller Engineering


  • Remodel/renovation of all relevant Social Platforms

  • Creation of a Brand YouTube Channel

  • Custom Graphics with unified branding across all Social Platforms and YouTube Channel

  • Comprehensive review/repair of all back end information (metadata, keywords, about sections, upload defaults, thumbnails, etc.)

  • A Facebook Banner Video & Flagship Video (single production)


Executive Package

Sometimes, getting just the makeover isn’t enough. Our Executive Package features the same “flip” aspects of The SocialFlip package, in addition to a whole lot more - With the Executive Package, you’ll get 6 months of SocialFlare, Consultation, and all of our other Social Media Services as well as 3 full Video Productions of your choice.

  • A full SocialFlip package

  • 3 additional Video Productions

  • 6 months of all Social Media Services


Enterprise Package

Our Enterprise Package continues to stack in the same way our Executive Package does; The Premium Package includes everything the first two packages offer with even more stuff thrown in. You’ll get a full year or our expertise and management with all of our Social Media Services as well as 6 full Video Productions.

  • A full SocialFlip package

  • 6 full Video Productions

  • An entire year of our Social Media Services

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